Sanjay has rich experience of 28 years of working at senior management positions in the corporate world and having worked in both local and global leading multi-national organisations. He has been instrumental to setup business units in India for global companies and lead them through various business processes is his expertise. In addition, he has successfully done turn-around growth for few global MNCs who has been struggling to setup business operations in India.

In 2016, he founded Oslaast Consulting, a business consulting company which transformed struggling SMBe (small and medium sized companies) with gap analysis and operational excellence programs to ensure the growth to the next desired level.

Sanjay's constant hankering for more knowledge and quality growth continued and he decided to invested on himself. In pursuit to better leadership skills, Sanjay was formally inducted as certified International Coach, Trainer, Teacher and Speaker from worlds number one leadership development John Maxwell Team in August 2016 at global IMC meet in USA. These services compliments to the unique blend of operations and learning services offered by him. He has been helping many corporates and individuals for providing services to learning and development needs, especially in the leadership skill development. He has been successfully been helping as a Coach to numerous executives & individuals to take control of their lives, move forward for greater success and happiness.

Chief Encouragement Officer

Sanjay Koul