Preeti Maneesh

Preeti Maneesh is a Post Graduate in Business Management and is a certified Art Educator. Born and raised as an headstrong individual thinker and decision maker, an Entrepreneur by profession, a long distance runner and believes in woman empowerment. She is an upbeat and self-motivated art enthusiast who eventually realised her heart was more into art, crafting, colours and creativity than a stressed 9 to 5 job and so she gave up her corporate job to pursue her dream. She also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communications. Art has always been an inspiration since childhood and now a full-time passion. She has been touching lives through her Meditative Art Therapy Workshops since 2010. She leads through her leisure pursuits and experience rejuvenation through various rejuvenation Art Therapies. These Meditative Art Therapies are best suited for people who go through stress in their day-to-day life.
She currently runs her own Pre School in Bangalore, freelances for Cloudnine Group of Hospitals and handles their Community Blog for India. She has successfully conducted customised Zentangle Sessions for Fashion designers, Corporates, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Senior Citizens, Special Need Children, Teenagers, Young adults and Women self-help groups. 
Preeti is also a traveller and enjoys photography. She is also a mom to a beautiful 5 year old girl who takes up most of her time when she isn't doing anything of the above.