Prerona Roy

Prerona Roy is the Founder and Founder of Inspire Excellence. The company is dedicated to help organizations and individuals achieve their stated objectives effectively and efficiently. She is a certified member of the John Maxwell Team and brings the tools, training and experience of the #1 Leadership training team combined with her global experience to help work cross culturally.
Prerona has a BSc Hons in Physics and a master’s degree in computer application and a Masters Degree in Business. Worked in senior management roles in India and USA over the last 10years, she has had the opportunity to work with 400+ management executives in large-scale organizations. She has been instrumental in helping organizations grow into their larger vision by applying her strategic approach and detailed execution.
Prerona gets invited for keynote and motivational speaking on various business platforms across the country. She is passionate about adding value to people and helps them to break their limiting beliefs and live life to their fullest potential. She faced a terrible accident in 2005 in which she got burnt and left her bedridden for months together. She has been left with several physical scars and deformations, but her optimism and self-belief helped her bounce back to life despite challenges. Her life has been recently featured in a women magazine.
She believes that life is unpredictable and short so it’s important we start to value life and live our dreams now! A strong practitioner of the law of attraction, she promotes; Change begins with you. If you want to change your life, change yourself.